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Could Your VPN Be Putting You At Risk?

These days getting access to your email once you’re out of the workplace is relatively straightforward. Access to all the data and network features of your business is much more difficult to achieve otherwise simple. Until recently, most people have used a VPN to access while working remotely.

VPNs provide effective access to their e-mails and company files. However, there are 3 problems with VPN software (also known as VPN 소프트웨어 in the Korean language) such as protection, ease of use, and maintenance and can also be annoying, untrustworthy, and slow. It never is almost as good as being at your desk at work.

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The main issue with VPN is that while they do protect data in transit by encrypting it, leaving two large gaps in their safety. First, when a VPN is created to your company network is like opening a door through the IT security perimeter of your company. Any malicious program that has compromised the team working at the end of the VPN will get through the rest of the network.


How many times has the VPN session fallen? How many times have you been unable to save a copy of the document to the server and had a copy of a local area as a result of the VPN timeout? How exhausting is it gnashing of teeth once you connect the VPN but can not see the server and offline folders with resolution stay offline?

How long should you wait for your CRM database to open through the VPN? How slow is the package of bills? How long to take a PowerPoint presentation to download and transfer to your personal computer, anyway?


VPNs are not able to produce or maintained by own, unfortunately. You have to buy the installation kit, SSL certificates, and sometimes also the programs in order to be able to get them started in the first place. Then they have to keep running, even when the firewall is updated to protect against new threats, or modify your server, or install new software.