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Do You Exactly Know What Does Your Car’s Exhaust System Do?

Car exhausts as we all know perform a very crucial function in your automobile's overall performance and capabilities. So, every car owner knows that the choice of car exhausts will affect your car's functioning.

If you want to make your car go faster and increase its horsepower then one of the first steps would be to purchase a Performance Exhaust system. The exhaust of your car is a central part of your vehicle as long as you intend to keep the rule legal. You can shop for the best VE SS commodore at

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If you have followed our items, you know that the air and the fuel are mixed and burned in the combustion chamber of your engine. From there, he travels to the exhaust system.

In most exhaust systems, the worn fuel route will begin at the exhaust manifold, otherwise called header if you have performance exhaust. 

Although the designs vary, they all serve the same goal of getting exhausted gases from the exhaust port to the catalytic converter. This is where the exhaust gases combine and interact with the chemicals of your catalytic converter to produce less harmful emissions.

From there, the gases cover the main pipe and a resonator, silencer, or a combination of both. The purpose of them is to mitigate the amount of noise heard from the engine running your car. 

Generally, a resonator is used in conjunction with a silencer to create a desired "tone" or its sound to the exhaust note. That's all the exhaust system of your car. When it wears out, there are usually no repairs for them other than a complete replacement.