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Guide For Growing Cannabis

The biggest benefit of growing weed indoors is that it allows you greater control than growing outdoors. Growing indoors provides opportunities to implement strategies like introducing high levels of CO2 which will result in bigger buds with higher THC concentrations. 

While the benefits of growing indoors are many,  there are still potential problems that could be costly or disastrous to your crop if you’re not paying careful attention. 

Setting Up Your Garden

Before planting seeds, it’s imperative you have the right materials for proper indoor cannabis growth. There are more helpful hints of general materials needed to produce a fruitful harvest:

  • You need to identify an area to grow. This can be a closet, indoor grow tent, spare room, or basement.

  • Purchase indoor grow lights. These come in different varieties, but we recommend HPS (high-pressure sodium) lights for beginners. 

  • Determine your grow medium. This could be soil, Coco Choir, or a hydroponic system. 

  • Purchase proper nutrients.

  • Locate and purchase seeds that interest you.

Choosing Your Seeds

Selecting the right seeds is critical when determining the type of cannabis plants you want to grow. The color, height, quality, and aroma of the plant all depend on the quality of the seed. Try avoiding seeds that are damaged, soft, pale, or green. These seeds are not mature enough to begin the process of germination, which could result in weak plants, or worse, no plant at all.

Good seeds will be dark brown, shaped like a teardrop, and encased in a hard shell. Darker tiger stripes generally indicate indica seeds, while brown mottling seeds are typically Sativa.

The most important factor when selecting seeds is choosing regular or feminized. Feminized seeds ensure the plant is going to be a female 99% of the time.