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How To Clean A Commercial Refrigerator Condenser Coil

Refrigeration units are the important unit of any restaurant, cafeteria, or industrial kitchen. Allowing a huge buildup of debris and dust may lower a unit efficiency, which means it uses more energy, pushes up operating costs, and shortens the device's lifespan. 

Additionally, this can result in a compressor failure, which may lead to a costly fix. So, below are a few simple directions for how to wash a commercial fridge condenser coil. For more information about refrigeration cleaning you can visit

refrigeration case cleaning

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Cleaning the Condenser Coils & Fan

1. Shut off power to the unit – Unplug the power or machine down it in the circuit breaker.

2. Find the condenser coil and fan Some versions have coils at the front at the bottom or on the peak of the unit. Older units might have coils throughout the rear of the device. Check the operator's manual to learn more.

3. Remove the cover or grate – Most components have a grate covering the condenser coils. Eliminate it to get the coils. The grate can snap off and on easily, or it might be held by screws.

4. Vacuum the coils and surrounding region — Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or close to the coils. As you did with your brush, be certain that you vacuum carefully to prevent damaging the coils.

5. Reattach the grate — After everything is clean, reattach the grate back to the device.