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How To Use Amazon’s PPC Advertising To Market Your Book

If you are one of those writers who have watched with jealousy while others have successfully navigated the PPC minefield and driven up sales of their books, prepare to get excited by what I am about to reveal.

Not long into 2015, Amazon began rolling out their very own PPC tool for advertising your Kindle book on its very own site. Imagine: advertising your book in the exact same virtual store where others are browsing for something to buy.

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They have already made the decision to buy, and you now have the ability to put a product right in front of them. What's more, many shoppers already have their credit card on file and with Amazon's "Buy now with 1-click" button, potential customers are a mere mouse click from buying your book.

Not everyone can make use of this new sales tool, as it is being made available to a few countries at a time. The requirements to participate are:

  1. your book must be written in English
  2. your book must be available on's KDP Select

How To Know If You Are Eligible

To ascertain whether or not your account is eligible for Amazon's PPC advertising, open your KDP dashboard and look under the KDP Select tab. You should see the words "Promote and Advertise."

Click that link and you will see your advertising options, which include running an ad campaign.

How PPC Works

Like any other form of PPC, ad campaigns consist of an auction, where advertisers bid for the cost of a click-through their ad. A basic overview is this:

The advertiser bids a specific payment per day or number of views or clicks for a specified time period. For example, $5 per day for a week. She will also bid a certain amount she feels a click is worth.