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Monetizing Your Current List With Incentivized Marketing

Incentivized marketing has been the focus of many marketing professionals, internet entrepreneurs, and internet marketers alike. In simple terms, it is the principle of getting something free or in exchange for an action done by the individual. Usually, the same principle goes on when a business rewards its online affiliate marketer.

If done correctly, an incentive marketing program can be extremely profitable for both the incentive marketing company and the affiliates. One of the keys to success is the proper selection of products and incentive programs that are right for your business. Although the most successful companies have used this marketing technique successfully for years, it is always a good idea to learn from those who have had more success.

The reason an incentive marketing program can work for you is because you can easily accomplish the same results as someone else who has not. This is true whether you are using pay-per-click advertising, pay-per-sale marketing, or any other type of internet marketing. In order to succeed, you must identify a highly targeted niche market that has not been tapped into. The easiest way to do this is by using an online keyword tool like the Google Keyword Research Tool. Simply enter in a targeted keyword and see what comes up.

After coming up with a list, you simply need to go search for more options. There are many books available that teach different techniques to find these markets. Many marketers choose to use multiple incentives in their campaigns and combine them to create more powerful packages. Other marketers will take the opposite approach and only use one incentive at a time.

Some common incentives used in incentive marketing programs for small businesses include travel discounts, credit towards the purchase of hosting rights, or discounts at local merchants. If your business offers hosted websites, you could get credit from the host company for every person that visits your site through their service. A good way to start out an incentivized marketing program for small businesses is by offering free web hosting. Just offer a very low monthly charge for three years or less. After the service period is up, simply discontinue the service and your customers will be completely free to sign up for any web hosting service without having to pay anything. Remember, you will have to tell your customers why you are no longer providing this benefit, otherwise, they will just assume that this benefit no longer exists.

Another great incentive marketing offer for smaller businesses is to get customers to sign up to become beta testers. These people will be provided with an email campaign that contains a link to the business website. Every time a potential customer clicks on this link, you will be paid a small fee. The money made this way is usually not very much but it is an extremely effective way to get customers to join your mailing list. This is another great way to monetize your current list.

Lastly, another great way to monetize your current list is through an incentive marketing offer to get them to fill out a survey. You can either run this survey on your own site or you can find an affiliate who will do it for you. All you will have to provide is information about your products or services, the size of your customer base, and how you plan on expanding in the future. Most times you can receive a high payout and this is a very efficient way to get customers to fill out surveys that may be useful for you to improve your offerings or make changes to your business model.

These are just a few examples of how you can use incentives to increase your online business. Many other companies have found these methods to be very successful. Even if you cannot create an incentive marketing program yourself, you can certainly find one that will work for you. When you are willing to think outside of the box it is easy to find methods of enticing customers to not only buy your products but to fill out surveys.