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Preparing for a Root Canal Treatment

From the moment your dentist mentions root canals, you can panic. You have heard from friends and family that this is a difficult procedure, fraught with all kinds of trauma and pain. And with today's technology, experiences are easier than ever. Think about how you can prepare yourself physically and mentally for this procedure.

Your first step in preparing a root canal is to find out if you need it. Make an appointment with your root canal dentist at to test your teeth. He will likely perform various tests and x-rays to make sure that the procedure is needed. If so, go ahead and schedule the meeting at a time that suits you.

Your dentist will ask you to take medication before and after the procedure. Make sure you follow all instructions. This medication aims to reduce inflammation in the area and prevent infection. It's best to avoid alcohol and other drugs unless your dentist allows it. Get a good night's sleep the night before the meeting.

On the day of the meeting, wear comfortable clothes and skip whatever make-up you are used to. These things are unnecessary and the last thing you want or need is a distraction that can make your day more complicated.

If you have concerns about the purpose of the root canal, you can ask someone to accompany you. This person can take you to the meeting and wait in the lobby for you to finish. Sometimes it helps to have someone there.