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Simple Things You Can Do Making Your Relationship Better In Parental Alienation

If a parent starts using words or actions that could cause the child to form misunderstandings about the parent, legal action should be taken immediately to stop this kind of behavior before the situation becomes more difficult to control. 

We have seen how in a very short time parents have gone from having a good relationship with their son or daughter to the same children refusing to visit the parent. If you want to know more about this visit 

parental alienation

 But the key is not to give up. A big part of dealing with parental alienation is trying to keep in touch with your children, even in small ways.

Following are the simple things you can do with your loved one to make them feel special: 

  • Sending encouraging and careful cards and letters

  • Birthday and holiday reminder

  • Schedule bi-weekly phone or video calls

  • Requests for controlled visits outside the home (in case of suspected physical abuse)

  • They want shorter but more frequent additional visits

  • Get involved in what's going on in children's lives

  • Show off at their school event or activity—even if you're just sitting in the corner and they don't recognize you

While it can be frustrating when your other parent refuses to see, communicate, or participate in decision making with their child, it's important not to interrupt your child when dealing with situations of parental alienation. Parents are responsible for facilitating healthy parent-child relationships. You can hurt your case by bringing your legal concerns to your children instead of a lawyer, therapist, or court.