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Surprising things your Printer can do

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A printer is known for printing various things like images, texts, and documents on a regular basis. Apart from just printing, printers are known for more. You may own a printer but these are the things it can do more.

  1. For Downloading Apps – Latest printers come with the feature of downloading a few apps. However, older printer models are not equipped with this feature. When it comes to downloading apps, they are on the limited side. However, apps like monthly calendars and crossroads can be downloaded by the printer. The good news about this feature is the fact that app developers are working continuously to introduce more apps to be downloaded for users.
  2. For Saving Ink – Printers with custom settings may force it to use more ink at the time of printing. Moreover, this forces you to invest in a new ink cartridge which is already expensive. However, all it requires is a minor tweak. Ensure you head over to settings and choose the draft mode allowing you to save more on ink.
  3. For Making Magnets – Promotional magnets can also be printed by the printer helping for saving money. In order to print magnets, all you need to do is invest in magnet paper and ensure to select the appropriate settings.
  4. For Backing Files – If you wish to save important documents and files, you can save them on a dedicated SD card. Ensure you insert an SD card allowing you to save the info during emergency times.

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