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Air Compressors Are Essential For Industrial Use

The compressed air dryer is one of the most important parts of a compressed air system. No matter where you are, in the tropics or the desert, the air contains very little water vapor. When air or gas cools to the point where it can no longer absorb water vapor, it begins to condense into liquid water.

Cooling dryers work by cooling the air to a low temperature and condensing most of the water vapor. With the refrigeration dryer, it is impossible to reach the dew point below freezing. You can also look for the best cooling air dryer via the web.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

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Optimally designed refrigeration dryers can produce air with a dew point of up to about 36°F (2°C). Due to the small amount of moisture remaining in the air, this dryer should not be used in water-sensitive applications.

The refrigerator dryer cools the air to freezing to remove moisture and the cold air is reheated by the intake air to about 10 °C below the inlet compressed air temperature at nominal conditions.

The refrigeration dryer consists of an air drying unit with a centrifugal condensate separator with support for a demister and a refrigeration circuit.

The refrigeration circuit consists of a compressor, condenser, collector, vapor-liquid storage device with liquid refrigerant, and an evaporator. The air drying unit consists of two types of heat exchangers, one is an air-to-air heat exchanger and the second is a refrigerant-air heat exchanger.