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How To Prepare For ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension?

The sales understanding subtest contains 15 ASVAB questions with a total duration of only 13 minutes, which corresponds to approximately 51 seconds per question. There are four types of questions and the topic is often unknown in design. 

If you are an aspiring soldier who aspires to join the United States Armed Forces, then you need to take ASVAB (Armed Forces Professional Ability Battery). You can improve the reading or comprehension part of the exam by giving a practice paragraph comprehension test and it can help improve your ASVAB score.

The Paragraph Comprehension section evaluates your analytical and critical thinking skills when presented with a limited amount of data. The test consists of 50 practical questions with explained answers. 

For now, pay attention to ASVAB and keep a dictionary close at hand. If you come across a word you don't understand, look for it. Take the definition. Understand meaning. Then go back and make sure you understand the word in the context of the sentence.

As you read, think about your own words that can be used in sentences. See if a word like that is one way to answer. Also, look for words that are contrary to what you think so that you can disqualify the decision. The answer can come to you through the process of elimination.

So if you enjoy reading, keep reading, but approach it with a different focus. In the past, while reading, you may have come across a word you didn't understand and you only saw it because the paragraph or story as a whole still made sense even if it was just that one word.

Structure Of The ASVAB Questions And Answers

Taking the ASVAB unprepared could jeopardize your original goal of starting or getting your dream job in the military – take it seriously. It is important to understand the format and the types of competitive asvab test questions asked in each subtest. 

There are currently two ways to receive the ASVAB: a shorter computerized version and a simple paper trial version. 

1. General Sciences (GS) – General principles of biological and physical sciences – consists of 25 elements that must be processed in 11 minutes.

2. Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) – A simple word problem that requires simple calculations – includes 30 items to be completed in 36 minutes.

3. Knowledge of the word (WK) – the correct meaning of the word (synonyms); sometimes antonyms (opposite meanings of words) – contains 35 elements that must be completed in 11 minutes.

4. Understanding Paragraphs (PC) – questions based on information from several paragraphs read – includes 15 tasks to be completed in 13 minutes.

5. Car and Shop Information – knowledge of cars, workshop terminology and tool use – includes 25 tasks to complete in 11 minutes

6. Knowledge of Mathematics (MK) – intermediate level mathematics including geometry, trigonometry and algebra – consists of 25 items to be completed in 24 minutes.

7. Understanding of Mechanics (MS) – Fundamental Principles of Mechanics and Physics – includes 25 items to complete in 19 minutes.

8. Electronic Information (EI) – Electronic Principles, Basic Electronic Circuits and Electronic Terminology – includes 20 items to be completed in 9 minutes measuring knowledge of electrical principles and electronic terminology.