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Steel Detailing Software For Automating Steel Design

Steel detailing software has been in the mainstream now for over two decades, but most areas of the steel fabrication industry are still adopting the tried and tested manual methods to deliver projects to their customers.

The traditional practices of course work and cannot be said to be good because you only have to look at the engineering feats of the Victorian era when large engineering projects where planned and delivered with no more than a pencil and paper and the skills and knowledge of its engineers. So what's the difference now and why change?  You can browse to know about steel detailing services.

The main difference is of course the driving factor of the market itself, which cannot be ignored. In the first instance, there is more competition so as to remain profitable and win more business, tenders should be much more accurate and businesses are adopting the old rule of thumb "over-estimated" method often find themselves losing more tender than they win.

Second, fabrication companies find that they are required to tender more often than ever before and major clients expect a faster turnaround of the tender documents. This in turn will result in a business using a traditional estimation method that is missing deadline accurate tender or provide a good tender could lead to them losing the project, or much worse, actually won the project but then had to complete the work at a loss.

One of the benefits that steel detailing software provides is the ability to help the bidding process to automate the delivery of rapid and accurate estimation of project costs and related cost of materials.

It allows businesses to use software to provide fast and accurate proposals so that they always find themselves winning a higher percentage of the project than they would otherwise, and at the same time they realize the price is much running very rarely take a job at a loss.