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Pet Bird Home Hazards – Keep Your Feathered Friend Safe

Equipped with a pet bird outside of its cage is one of the joys of living with a bird, but the home that's safe for us, might not be so safe for our feathered friends. The little day-to-day items we take for granted can injure or kill a bird in the blink of an eye. You can buy the best and affordable natrapet bird bath spray with preeing oil for your bird.

Ceiling fans are so prevalent in houses these days we hardly take note of those. It's easy to forget they're on occasionally. If your bird could fly, it may fly in the fan. The spinning blades may certainly mean a fast death. When interacting with a bird out of its cage, then play it safe and switch off the ceiling fan!

Non-stick coated pans have made cleanup from the kitchen a cinch, however an amalgamated coated pan releases fumes which are toxic to a bird. Recent studies have proven that even a reasonably heated pan may still exude fumes, so only routine cooking could be harmful. 

Bird Care

Pans, sinks, baths, and tubs filled with water May Be appealing to your own birds, but it does not require much water to get a bird to float. The non-stick coating is not the sole inhalant that may be harmful to a bird. You shouldn't ever use aerosol sprays in almost any place where your bird will inhale the fumes. 

Most of us know birds use their beaks to research and to play with. Like kittens and dogs, electric cords can pose risks to gum birds. Never abandon a bird in a region where it could chew strings. Power still runs via electric cords once the thing in question is switched off, and therefore don't presume any plugged-in cable is secure.