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The Overall Process When Joining The US Army

Many of the biggest problems people face are the whole process at the hiring office and what happens when you get there. It's not hard to understand how it works. All you have to do is take a look at your local recruiter who can help you with further registration after the ASVAB military aptitude test. Its job is to interview you and arrange transportation. 

They are here to help you hire and prepare you for the documents needed for MEPS. There you have it. In a few months, you will be in basic combat training as you go through all the processes in the recruiter's office and at MEPS.

Your first day requires you to sit down and be interviewed by army recruiters. He will interview you to find out if you are eligible to participate. They will then ask you a series of questions if you are a drug addict, have committed a crime, recently had surgery, received psychiatric care, and have health problems. 

This process reviews bad candidates before they are hired. If you pass the interview, they will check your past and ask you to submit some important documents such as a high school diploma, birth certificate, social security card, and state card.

The next day, your recruiter will set a day for you to take the ASVAB test or battery test for armed forces professional performance. This test affects knowledge of words, understanding of paragraphs, two subjects in mathematics and mechanics. 

On the third day, you have to visit MEPS or Military Processing Station. Here you have to spend the night at the hotel to get to the federal building by bus. Your recruiter will drop you off at your hotel for the morning process which recruiters will have to go through before entering MEPS.