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Make Supply Chain Financing Sustainable Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology can offer tremendous potential for both corporates and banks so far expanded control, speed and reliability of their supply chain and at a fraction of their current infrastructure costs. Payments are affected by this digital system can be monitored by both sides, implying that suppliers are no longer at an impeded position in the purchasing procedure while they wait for processing.

Blockchain will speed up the procedure, giving organizations more control, and in the long term will, eventually, create a stronger supply chain. Implementing a decentralized, open-source, incentivized network and/or applications gives an innovative and competitive edge in your business.

Infographic blockchain concept

The time required from the initiation of the payment could, in this way, be significantly reduced. Apart from reduced transaction time, different advantages for merchants and exporters incorporate reduced bank charges (because of less manual action on the part of banks), decreased time for loan approval, and lessened risk of fraud. Along the lines of financing, supply chain is drastically cheaper and more productive than this method of doing business.

Supply chain finance is one sector in which blockchain has been tested basically. Blockchain technology can be possible on a very basic level to change the landscape of the supply chain, delivering a new level of transparency and security.