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Benefits of Press Release Submission Services

1. Increased Exposure – By having your press release submitted through a submission service, you're guaranteed wide distribution. This means that your release will be seen by a much wider audience than if you were to try and self-publish it. 

2. Better Chances of Being Picked Up by the Media – A press release submitted through a submission service is more likely to be picked up by the media. This is because press release submission services have a network of reporters and editors who are familiar with their products and can help you get your release into the hands of the right people. 

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3. Quick and Easy Process – Press release submission services make the process of submitting a press release quick and easy. All you need to do is choose a service, fill out an easy form, and wait for your release to be sent out to all of their reporters. 

To Submit or Not to Submit?

1. Press release submission services can be a valuable resource for helping you get your release in front of the right journalists. However, make sure you research which services offer the best lineup of potential journalists to target and how much they charge for their services.

2. Make sure your press release is well-written and error-free. Sentences that are choppy or have typos can throw off a journalist's readability and may lead them to ignore your release altogether.

3. Make sure to include any relevant images or videos that will help illustrate your story. Journalists often appreciate visual information when deciding whether or not to cover a particular story.