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Twin Loft Beds Are Great For Giving Children Their Own Separate Areas

When two children have to share a bedroom it can get crowded and confusing as to what belongs to whom. Using kids loft beds with stairs is a great way to split up the kids spaces and provide more room. 

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The goal is to give each child their own separate sleeping and working area while still being in the same room. This is actually very easy to accomplish with little money and a lot of creativity.

These beds are designed with the sleeping area to be approximately six feet above the ground. This leaves a large area under the bed for storage or work areas. There are several styles to choose from as well as bright kid-friendly colors.

To make maximum use of the space for both children choose beds that are a single, that is without another sleeping area below the loft bed. Choose the same color and style for both beds or let the kids pick their favorite color then design the theme around their color choices.

Purchasing a desk or workspace to be placed in the area under the bed will give each child their own homework, computer or craft area. If there is a shortage of closet space, consider placing a closet bar in the area to hang clothes. The space is fairly large and would accommodate a nice size desk as well as clothes rack.

If really low on storage and closet space, under one of the beds, a desk could be placed for sharing, while the other side could be used to place two chests for clothes storage. The mattress is normally a twin size so getting sheets to fit will not be a problem. When shopping on a budget, twin sheet sets are easily found at discount stores for less than ten dollars a set.