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Have You Started Your Business Text Messages?

There are many advantages to sending business text messages over wasting your money on other forms of advertising. First, compare a text message to a billboard: you actually have more room to say what you want in the text. 

Since people are passing billboards on the street at high speed, you can only use about seven to ten words to convey your entire message. It's not very effective at all. SMS messages give you more words to work with, even though the text itself is much smaller.

Then compare it to television commercials. You can't get that much information in a business text messaging. This is true. However, you can be sure that people will watch the message. 

Most people see their text messages when they arrive. Many people will drown out TV commercials, change channels, or even leave the room and do something else. You may be able to get more information from TV commercials, but it won't help if no one is reading the information.

Now compare SMS to email. Spam filters are included with email programs. Even if your first message is successful, the person will likely only read the topic and mark you as spam if they're not interested. Other news won't even happen. 

This will have no effect – and composing an email takes longer than writing a text message. You'll put more money into the process and earn less in the long run – and in the short term. It is much better to use business SMS because you can ensure that you are not automatically blocked by a computer program.

Finally, compare the cost of business SMS with other forms of advertising. Much cheaper, nothing to compare. Advertising on TV or radio is expensive. Installing billboards is expensive.