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Is A Female Gynaecologist A Better Option In Nairobi?

A gynecologist is a specialist who has more technical and medical knowledge than your GP and can offer a quicker diagnosis of any potential problem that can save you a lot of time and headaches. Another decision that will influence you is to decide to go with a woman or a male gynecologist.

As mentioned above, choosing between a male and female obstetrician is an important decision to make as you need to be as comfortable as possible with your exam. You can get a good gynaecologist in Nairobi from various web sources.


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Let's look at the advantages of choosing a female gynecologist over a male:

o Gynecological examinations can be uncomfortable for female gynecologists:

Of course, some women feel more comfortable with doctors than with men. They feel uncomfortable exposing their private parts to the opposite gender, even though they work in the medical field.

o Doctors usually spend more time with their patients:

Your doctor must take the time to listen to you and answer your questions when you see a gynecologist because you will have doubts. It has been researched that female physicians tend to spend more time with patients than their male counterparts.

o It is believed that female doctors are more empathetic to gynecological problems:

It is clear to say that female obstetrician can empathize more with women because they share the same organs and experience the same pain. This can give the doctor a specific overview of the patient's problems and experiences.