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CNC Machines in the Equipment Appraisal World

Automated machinery is often appraised as part of equipment and machinery appraisal. Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC), automated machinery is included on asset lists at both large manufacturing operations and small custom machining shops. These machines can be valued for collateral lending, buy/sell agreements, and family law. It is important to appreciate the versatility of CNC machining and how that versatility weighs value.

Many CNC machines can be used in many different applications. This results in a large market nationally and internationally. It may also translate into higher overall value depending on the equipment appraisal value. However, other CNC machines are rarer, which can lead to a lower market and potentially lower value depending on what value is used.

While non-CNC machinery that is used in similar applications might have a wider market, it does not generally have the same value as CNC machines. The tooling that comes with any CNC machine tool is an integral part. The tooling includes working or manufacturing tools such as cutting and patterning aids like dies, fixtures or gauges.

A lot of CNC equipment comes with a lot of tooling. Tooling is usually valued together rather than separately depending on the purpose of the appraisal, the value being sought, and whether the tooling can be transferred. CNC machines are also known as CNC machine centers. They can produce the same workpiece using different machines depending on the size of the bar stock.