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What Is a Concierge Doctor?

Concierge doctors are professionals who offer their services directly to patients in return for an upfront fee. Usually, this is paid monthly. Concierge doctors are also known as direct primary care (DPC), or personalized medical services providers. They used to only be available to wealthy patients who could afford them, but concierge medicine has been made more affordable in recent years.

Concierge specialists in Miami provide personalized care and direct access. These specialists often set up a private practice to reduce the number of patients they have to care for, which is usually less than a traditional office. They also want to minimize paperwork and insurance payouts.

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Concierge doctors can perform all the same services as primary care physicians, such as administering lab tests and conducting annual physical exams. They can also provide minor care services such as stitches and treatment for skin conditions. They are unable to provide specialized treatment or major medical procedures like surgery.

You won't need to pay extra for services you would normally receive in a primary health visit.

A concierge doctor may be more cost-effective for patients with heart disease or other conditions that require frequent visits. Insurance coverage is still required for major medical issues such as surgery.