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Chinese To Go Boxes Are Multi Use Containers

No matter what size Chinese to-go boxes you're looking for or you want them with or without wired handles, takeout containers are the ultimate design for storing food and preventing leakage. These useful boxes are perfect for restaurant patrons to store and take home rice, noodles, chicken, beef, soup, or anything on the menu, whether cold or hot when placed in the box. 

There are a few unique designs for you to choose from to make sure you find the model you are looking for. There are so many benefits to using a Chinese to-go box, it's really surprising that not all restaurants use this style of box for leftovers. You can shop custom printed restaurant takeout box from Co-Pack.

Since the boxes are crafted with high-quality technologies, they seal on the outside at the bottom corners so that you can safely transport solid or liquid food without any fear. You may also want to choose a classic square Chinese to-go box with wired handles for easy carrying. These are offered in four different sizes so you can give your patrons variety once they finish their meal and may want to take home some delicious leftovers for later.

Of course, there are also wireless varieties of Chinese To-Go Boxes in 16 oz and 26 oz sizes, making these options microwave safe. Many people choose this option so that forgetful patrons don't keep the metal in their microwaves when reheating food. Unique red boxes also exist as an alternative to the usual white. 

Have you considered other uses for Chinese to-go boxes besides how to reheat saved food from Asian restaurants? They make great party favor containers. These would look great on a table as well as lined up in the hands of the people receiving them. If you intend to buy Chinese to-go boxes in bulk, you will definitely want to choose the handled versions to make carrying the gift easier. Plus, if you have candy or a similar treat inside, no one will be looking to microwave the box.