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Giving a Custom Blanket As a Stunning Personalised Gift

There are three sizes of custom blankets. The small one is ideal for small beds and cots, while the medium blanket can be used as a lap or travel blanket. Large custom blankets are best for use on beds. They also offer the most printing options, as they can be included in a photo collage with any number of photos or other elements. You can design your own blanket in various styles.

design your own blanket

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Add a digital photo to the Blanket Design

A single favorite photo is the best way to personalize a blanket. The blanket's front will display the photo. You could choose a photo of your favorite place or an item that is closely related to your hobby or pastime. The best way to choose the right photo for the recipient is to get to know them.

Additional Pictures to Add to a Custom Blanket

While digital photos offer the best-printed results, they are only one type of design that can go on a blanket. You can download pictures from the Internet or any other source. Make sure they are high-resolution, large-dimension images. You can also scan newspaper clippings or paper pictures to create the look you desire.

Text and other design options

You can add a personal message to your design or have it printed. This is a great way to add a greeting to commemorate an event or occasion. To make a beautiful new blanket for the baby, add the date of birth and the baby's name.