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An Employers Guide to Protective Equipment In Melbourne

PPE (for ease of use and protection of my finger, hereinafter referred to as PPE) is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as any equipment (this may include items that provide protection from wind, rain, snow, etc.) whether worn or only held, which in some way protects against risks to the health or safety of the person. 

Examples of this clothing or equipment may be different and the following list is not exhaustive:

High visibility protective face shield

Safety helmet


Safety shoes

Eye protection

It is important to note that this is a specific item that is not covered by this general term PPE. Other elements such as breathing apparatus and all forms of hearing protection have special provisions and are therefore omitted. 

When choosing such a device, it is important to note that even if it is not covered, there will be some crossovers because the devices must be compatible and should not interfere with the operation of the PPE equipment in any way. For example, if you have a number of ear protectors that somehow interfere with helmet performance (this might even mean blocking certain high-visibility strips).

To summarize the general terms, you can look at the following checklist. It's incomplete, but it will provide you with valuable clues. All devices must:

Rated properly to ensure it is appropriate for employer and purpose

Properly stored and serviced

Provided with all necessary instructions

Used as intended