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The Most Famous Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian wedding is an excessively elaborate and traditional event. This luxury is seen in their clothes, ceremonies, food, and rituals. The wedding dresses worn both by the bride and the groom have intricate detailing and are prepared with the finest fabrics and utmost care. Whether the wedding takes place in India or in another part of the world, most brides still prefer to wear their traditional attire. Wedding dresses are equipped with many accessories.

Below are some of the very famous Indian wedding dresses worn by brides and grooms?

1. Shervani

The groom's traditional attire is called Shervani. The sherwani is a long jacket that is worn over a kurta (long loose shirt) and a pajama (trouser). The sherwani suit design is traditionally prepared with high-quality fabrics like Jamevar, Jacquard, and Achkan. But it is not just the fabric that makes them one of the popular Indian wedding attires; it is also the intricate detailing with gold and silver threads and sometimes artificial gemstones which sets them apart from the other sherwanis worn by other male guests at the wedding.

2. The Wedding Turban

A wedding turban is a famous accessory that is worn with the sherwanis and which helps the overall attire to stand out. It is a headgear that is produced by wrapping a long, twisted yarn of high-quality fabric over the head. Usually the famous and traditional wedding turban is any shade of rich red that is worn over a white or off-white sherwani.

3. The Wedding Lehnga

Although you cannot complete the discussion on famous Indian wedding dresses without mentioning the whole attire of the groom, it is actually the dress worn by the brides which makes the headlines. The dress of the bride is perhaps the most elaborate on account of work detailing, choice of fabric, and sometimes color in the complete gathering.