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Types of Stainless Steel Tubes

The chromium in stainless steel helps to make it resistant to oxidation and corrosion even at temperatures that are extremely high. Stainless Steel Tubes although not the most affordable option, they offer many advantages, aside from being resistant to corrosion and erosion, making them useful in the piping system with a thin wall.

They possess low friction hydraulic properties and are easy to clean and have minimal maintenance costs. They have created long-lasting structures and ensured that factories are secure. Fusion welding in these tubes has eliminated the necessity for threading. There are many kinds of stainless steel tubes available on

The kinds made of stainless steel pipes include:

Some of the types of stainless steel tubes are:

a. Austenitic- has good ductility, non-magnetic properties and weldability. It's used to make house-wares, industrial piping and containers.

b. Ferritic- is similar to austenitic, only has better corrosion resistance; used in washing machines and indoor architecture.

c. Austenitic- Ferritic (Duplex) – has both strength and ductility. They are mainly used in paper pulp and shipbuilding industries.

d. Martensitic- contains 11-13% chromium; it has magnetic properties and is strong and hard with moderate corrosion resistance. Such tubes are used in turbines

The stainless steel tubes and pipes have now become a part of every household, office, and other place. They are widely used in manufacturing units and industries because of their high resistance to corrosion. They are highly effective and the most important aspect is that they can be available in various sizes and diameters. They have a high level of flexibility and are long-lasting.