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Wooden Acoustic Hanging Baffles In Australia

Wooden acoustic hanging baffles made out of solid Pine hardwood slats of 14 mm wide, 08 mm thick at an 04 mm interval. The baffles are fitted with brackets and hanging accessories / suspension system. The width of baffle will be 50 mm, depth 150 mm and placed at 150 mm C/C.

Baffles are filled with acoustic insulation material of 64 Kg/m3 rock wool Confirming to IS 8183, Glass Fiber cloth laminated, NRC Value – 0.90 NRC, the baffles will be in polish finish to match with existing interior. These hanging acoustic baffles help to control Echos on large covered areas.

Wooden partitions are excellent sound spreaders; Reflects and scatters sound waves to reduce on-site echoes. You can easily get the best services of installing timber baffles via in Australia.

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Wooden ceiling partitions are ideal for creating good noise levels, as well as enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the room. This wooden acoustic partition wall allows views of the plenary area and large roof from above. They are especially suitable for therapeutic facilities on large roofs where some planning or acoustic sound enhancement is required.

Acoustic suspended wooden partitions are useful for reducing the quality (level) of sound in the air. Noise barrier is ideal for reducing noise and echo pollution.

Benefits of Hanging Wooden Baffles

  • Home Theater
  • Music Hall
  • Opera House
  • Audio-Visual Room
  • Recording Room
  • Entertainment Room