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Know About Bamboo Paper Towels In Australia

The most common infectious diseases are transmitted by hand contact. Therefore, preventing the spread of disease is highly dependent on proper handwashing. Therefore, the important question is whether paper towels or a hairdryer are better. And while most of us believe that bamboo paper towels are the best way to dry our hands in terms of hygiene, recent research challenges that belief. You can also buy hygienic bamboo toilet paper from various online sources.

More specifically, the researchers commented on each factor they considered in their study. When examining drying efficiency, they found that water was removed from hands more efficiently when towels or bamboo paper towels were used. Bamboo paper towels are a much faster way to dry hands, and with just 15 seconds of manual drying, only 1% of the water remains. The dryer, on the other hand, takes more than 45 seconds to reduce the remaining water to 3%.

Bamboo paper towels are also a better option for removing bacteria. To measure the effectiveness of both methods at removing bacteria, the researchers tested fingertips with a contact plate and an oiled palm. Finally, they found that paper towels significantly reduced the number of all types of bacteria on their hands and that hot air blowers were the least effective at removing bacteria.

The results of this study are very interesting because it is generally accepted that paper towels are the most hygienic option. Bamboo paper towels were introduced to improve hygiene and are considered better because they require less contact with hands.