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How A Tree Surgeon Removes Trees

One of the major tasks that can take up a professional tree surgeon's time is the removal of trees from gardens or parks or indeed almost any type of environment. Because of the variety that can be involved in this type of work, it is just as well that most tree surgeons in Northern Beaches have several skills they can call upon. This article looks at the different techniques a tree surgeon might use.

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Emergency work

Perhaps the most dramatic type of work that a tree surgeon gets involved with, the emergency removal of part of – or indeed the entirety of – a tree requires a great deal of skill. 

Of course, response time is often crucial in this type of scenario so make sure your tree surgeon can come to help you promptly in order to minimize the danger caused by the emergency.

Garden clearance

If emergency work is very much about time, garden clearance is usually a result of neglect that has built up over the months and even years in your garden. Often it is performed for people who have just bought a new place and the previous owners cared little for their outdoor space. 

Fallen trees

Fallen trees can often fall under the emergency work scenario outlined above, however, they will still need to be looked after and a high level of safety maintained. Usually, trees fall because of either old age or illness or because of serious weather conditions such as wind or perhaps even snow.