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Cutting Edge Gaming Technology – The Unreal Engine

The latest games focus on the complexity of their games and how well the narrative is, and how well graphics are able to cope in relation to what players would like to accomplish in a virtual world, with these things in mind Epic Games came up with a revolutionary gaming technology, dubbed "Unreal Engine 3".

Unreal Engine 3, this new technology allows you to create extremely dynamic gaming environments that enhance the quality of graphics as well as the way objects interact with players. You can also know more about the best gaming technology trends via

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The technology was utilized for the video games Gears of War, some of the features that are found within the Unreal engine include:

Ambient Occlusion Technology:

This is a post-processing filter that allows game developers and designers to create better-than-realistic and lively shadows for their scenes employing a pixel method that creates better shadow highlights. this technique scans images and analyses the way light bounces around and adjusts shadows, making objects stand apart against the backdrop. 

Dynamic Fluid Surfaces:

It is a further major improvement in which liquids like water can be programmed in order to interact and move with user in as to mimic how the real element behaves in these circumstances. Reflections from the environment are included to mimic the water's properties.

The Soft Body Physics

This tool is a simulation program that lets programmers simulate soft bodies and objects that are fluidly elastic and realistically elastic it is also beneficial when it comes to materials that are flexible and have a certain level of viscosity. This feature is applicable to games where aliens are encountered.