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A Brief History of Video Production in Boston

The history of video production is one of innovation and change. The earliest days of video production were filled with rudimentary equipment, limited technology, and no standardized methods. However, over time, video production has evolved into an intricate and highly specialized field.

Today, video productions can range from simple introductions or product demonstrations to full-blown feature films. In order to create top-quality videos, organizations need the services of a professional video production team. 

Here are some of the most common functions of a video production company in Boston:

1. Video editing: Video editing is the process of assembling and formatting footage into a cohesive story. Video editing can involve cutting and rearranging footage to match specific story requirements, as well as adding sound effects and music.

Why Hire a Video Production Company for your Corporate Video - Studio 52

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At its core, video editing is an extremely precise art form that requires skilled hands and years of practice.

2. Visual effects: Visual effects are special effects that are used to enhance or change the appearance of a video clip or scene. They can be used to make a clip look more realistic or dramatic, or to add humor or excitement to a scene.

3. Motion graphics: Motion graphics is a subset of visual effects that focuses on creating graphical elements.