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Know The Different Types Of Wall Paneling

There are several different types of wall paneling one can find in today's market. These are mainly classified according to the intended purpose. They include:

1. Decorative: This is done using a variety of attractive-looking materials such as wainscot, so as to improve the appearance of the wall. You can also look for 3d wave wall panels via

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Wainscot is usually made from either wool or synthetic materials and decorated with carvings and designs. Decorative wall panels are usually installed on the lower half of the wall, although the exact height may vary. They usually come pre-fabricated or one can opt to make their own. Other commonly used materials are stainless steel, plastic, and laminate.

2. Tileboard: This makes use of panels made from resin or melamine which are textured and colored to resemble ceramic tiles, which are attached to a moisture-proof backer board. They are preferred due to their affordability and the fact that they do not have grout lines, making them easy to clean.

3. Structural: This can also be done on the exterior using pre-cast concrete for easy and quick framing of homes and business premises.

Benefits Of Decorative Paneling:

Paneling is increasingly becoming a popular trend much because of its versatility. Decorative wall panels for instance are not just limited to improving the appearance of a building. Aside from increasing visual appeal:

• They also help to preserve the interior surfaces. This helps to cut down on unnecessary maintenance costs.

• They are much easier to clean since most are glossy, and do not need any repainting from time to time.

In case you are searching for interior or exterior decoration options, this doesn't sound like a bad idea.