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Definition and Purpose of Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos can be described as images on a whiteboard with narration. Shakespeare never saw a whiteboard but he was well-versed in the concept of a script, which is the basis of any whiteboard video.

Whiteboard video can be used by many industries. It is versatile and often economically profitable because it allows for multiple uses. If your business needs the best video marketing tactic, use whiteboard animation. It is profitable in the long run. You can check out professional whiteboard animation videos for your business via

It's difficult to tell the difference between whiteboard videos that are just regular whiteboard video and whiteboard videos that have a purpose. It is important to be intentional about each element in a whiteboard video while building on the foundation of storytelling.

Whiteboard video's appeal increases with the addition of guiding principles from neurology and behavioral psychology and the guarantee that hand-drawn content is created by skilled artists. These principles are flexible and adaptable to your specific needs.

Why whiteboard?

Have a difficult topic to explain?

Perhaps you are presenting a major initiative and need to get buy-in. Or maybe you have an original idea that you want to market.

Perhaps you are ready to move on from boring talking heads videos and cookie-cutter motion graphic designs.

If you are drawing blanks, it is the perfect time to use a whiteboard video.

You can combine your message with custom content and engaging concepts to create images that surprise, delight, or intrigue.

Whiteboard videos are great for teaching and training.

They can help you convert leads, market a product or headline your next all-hands meeting.

Whiteboard video is the best medium for communicating complex concepts such as human resources or change management. The brain can process information up to 60,000 times faster with visuals than text alone.