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How To Select Indoor-Outdoor Carpet?

For your deck, patio, or surrounding your swimming pool area, it is important to be aware of the various types of outdoor carpeting available. The majority of outdoor carpets are constructed of Olefin (Polypropylene). While it's not a suitable carpet for indoor use because of Olefins' rough texture, it is a great fiber to use outdoors. Olefin is waterproof and stain-resistant. 

The majority of quality indoor carpets made of Olefin is UV-resistant and allows the carpet to keep its color. There are many different types of outdoor carpeting that are available. Carpets that are economical grade are ideal for use under covered outdoor spaces like patios. It's also the least expensive outdoor carpet.

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Carpet made of high-quality grass is an improvement over the standard grade and is suitable for use outdoors in areas that are fully exposed. We recommend the highest grade grass carpet with marine backing if the area you're planning to install it in is likely to receive moderate amounts of water. 

Even if it's not likely to rain often in your region of the globe, take into account the level of dampness and humidity in the area you're installing it. To create a unique look for outdoors carpets, plush carpets are available. The majority of outdoor plush carpeting must be used in areas that are covered only. If you want to expose your area completely, choose grass carpet of the highest grade with backing that is marine. 

Outdoor plush carpet not just appears different, but it also does not feel the same when you walk on it. The mid grade plush carpet is perfect for areas that are covered and receive very little foot traffic. For areas that are more frequented, choose high-quality plush carpet.