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What Is Paracord Survival?

Parachute cord, also called paracord or 550, is a lightweight nylon cord that became popular as the material of choice for parachute suspension in the United States during World War II.

Soldiers faced with limited resources soon realized the benefits of paracord dissection, as well as the endless use of inner sutures and outer sheaths. If you want to purchase paracord hardware or accessories you can visit this website

This excellent property is particularly strong in paracord's board approval for mass use, where it is designed for the manufacture of bracelet accessories, bottle cages, and knife covers.

This led to the manufacture of paracord-based general supply cables for civil and military purposes. In the survival and craft community, paracord has reached an almost iconic position where its use is limited only by the individual creativity in using it.

Despite being used for very simple functions, the paracord has not lost its own identity as a practical army cable. Soldiers often prefer paracord for relatively light applications, including repairing and locating equipment, making shields, bonding, and providing first aid.

The inner thread (of which there are seven) can be cored and used for sewing clothes and fishing lines. Additionally, you may combine or finish the ends of the paracord wrap by massaging it with an open flame or a heated knife.