5 Quick Tips to Mastering Digital Photography

If you enjoy taking digital photographs, but just can’t seem to get the hang of taking more professional looking shots, don’t worry you are not alone. After all capturing the perfect photo takes video production Melbourne a lot of skill and practice, and sometimes even the professionals can’t get it right. Here are mt top 5 quick tips to help you master the art of digital photography.

1. Compose your shot carefully. You should always pay close attention to everything that is inside the frame of your viewfinder, and make sure it is always full. For example, if you are taking a photo of a single object, but the background takes up more of the shot than the actual object, then that won’t make a good picture. A good tip to ensure that your object fills the frame is to turn your camera sideways and see if the vertical shot is better than the horizontal.

2. Get up close and personal. If you are taking photos of anything to do with nature such as leaves, petals or insects, it is a good idea to experiment with some good close up shots. These days most digital cameras have something which is called “macro mode”. This mode will enable you to take super close up photos, a bit like a magnifying glass. Imagine the brilliant textures you can bring out of a leaf or petal by experimenting with this.

3. Keep it still. Shaky hands can lead to very poor quality, out of focus photographs. So when taking your shot you should try your best to keep yourself still. If you suffer from shaky hand syndrome, and just cannot keep them still maybe you should invest in a sturdy tripod. A good tripod doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, these days you can find them in all sizes for cheap.

4. Get creative. A good photograph doesn’t have to be a boring one. Instead try and be creative by taking photographs from different angles, off the side of a cliff, from the top of a mountain or even upside down. The point is, by adding a little creativity to your shots, you will stand out from all the rest of the average Joe photographers out there.

5. Take a photography class. Nothing will make you a pro at photography like practise right? Wrong! Practise with a professional will. You could take a look in your phone book for local photography classes, or even take a little look online.

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