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All About Custom Printing on Garments in Dallas

The custom printing industry has been in use for hundreds of years. Before Guttenberg invented his printing press, people were printing designs on clothing. The method they used to print was known as screen printing. Screen printing was developed in China about two millennia old. It remains the most well-known method of custom printing. 

Modern printers still use basic wooden screens, to which stenciled designs are affixed. Ink or paint will be applied to the image, and it is then printed on the blank fabric. You can also take the help of a custom local t-shirt screen printing company in Dallas.


The screen printing technique is employed to design custom T-shirts for high school graduations as well as clubs, sports teams, and even for special events like bachelor parties and weddings.

Screening is well-liked by new businesses. Because the majority of new businesses cannot spend the money for advertising traditional, creating customized T-shirts and handing them to the local community is a simple method to get the word out.

Screen printing can be a trusted way to print however it can be less reliable when the customer requires fine detail and intricate designs. Images can appear blurred or confused in the event that the design is complicated. Screen printing can be more affordable and quicker when the customer requests the use of a single color.