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Andersen Windows Repair Or Window Replacement?

Even the most high-quality windows and doors will eventually need repair or replacement. Even with regular cleaning and window maintenance, wear and tear can happen over a long period of time.

There are some of the factors that can help you decide when your window needs to be repaired and whether replacement is necessary. There are many reasons to replace your windows by hiring a window & door contractor.

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1. Windows Out-Dated:

Window design, structure, and materials are constantly changing. Old fittings are damaged and no longer meet current standards.

2. Rotten Wood:

However, wood window frames can be easily damaged by moisture and weather. If taken care of correctly and quickly, they can be restored to their original state. You should check to see if the wood is completely rotten. This requires a complete replacement of the whole frame.

There are many reasons to have your windows repaired

1. Aesthetics:

Your windows may appear cloudy, dusty, and stained even after they have been cleaned. In humid, this is especially common due to damaged seals. It is as simple as installing a new sash.

2. Chips, Cracks, and Holes

You can find a silicone sealant at your local hardware store. A sealant is the best choice for small cracks or crevices around your windows. 

Now, you can determine the best option for your windows from the above tips: replacements or repairs.