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Questions to Ask Yourself About Self-Publishing

I love asking questions when I meet authors thinking about self-publishing. I want to know their goals and how they plan to reach them. This talk is extremely useful for the best part of the project to get their book published.

You can make a "consulting call" with yourself if you are thinking of self-publishing. These questions are based on my talks with authors that you can use to interview yourself. Try to answer the questions in order to self publish your book.

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1. What are your thoughts about starting a business or expanding an existing business?

Self-publishing is often viewed as a way to express your creativity. Publishing is a business. You need to keep records and pay taxes. How do you view business? What is your attitude towards marketing? Is it exciting? Do you feel the thrill of the hunt? Would you prefer to hide behind the covers?

2. Why would you consider publishing your book a success?

Are you realistic about your book and the publishing company you are working with? These outcomes are unlikely no matter what your status. What would make you feel happy? Selling books, getting published in a publication, or being reviewed? The satisfaction of your friends?

3. Do you think it is important to see your book on the bookshelf at a retail bookstore?

Self-publishers almost exclusively publish for online sales. Self-publishers are not able to sell in bookstores. There is an exception for specialty bookstores where it may be possible. It will take longer to get your book ready for distribution in bookstores. You'll need to find a distributor willing to help you and add their cost to your book.