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Cold Laser Therapy Procedure Investigation

Low-intensity sound energy is used to promote tissue and cell healing. Cold laser therapy, also called low-level laser therapy, is painless and non-invasive. 

This non-surgical method of liposuction has been used to treat scar tissue, adipose, and pimples, as well as reduce pain in the neck and back, and promote bone growth. The FDA approved cold lasers and they are now more popular in medical settings. Cold laser therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing process by using the therapeutic healing properties provided by light. Discover more about best cold laser treatment benefits through

How it works

Some wavelengths of light have a specific effect on tissue regeneration, pain, and inflammation. The light is not used to disrupt tissue and is photochemical, rather than thermal. The laser is applied to the area. The laser is used to remove fat. 

Fat tissue will dissolve when it is exposed to light. Light also enhances the body’s natural healing abilities to stimulate bone growth and tissue healing. To stimulate healing, light penetrates the skin’s surface and the underlying tissues.

Cold Laser Acupuncture

As a form of acupuncture, cold lasers can be used without needles. The body’s acupoints are stimulated by light, which provides a painless method to increase blood flow.

It is very painless and requires no recovery.

The laser is usually felt as a brief tingle. The laser tickles slightly as though someone has gently moved their finger over the area. It may feel a little bit tender, but not severe.

It can be done on its own

After being shown how to do it, either you or a friend can undo the treatment. Simply run the laser over the desired area. Lasers are also available for home use. You don’t have to go to the doctor or hospital, and you can use the laser at home.