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Traditional Different Styles of Indian Dance

Folk dances can be adapted to specific regions of the country. They are usually performed by people living in the area. Indian movie dances are an integral element of the culture of India.You can also navigate to know about various dance forms.

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This traditional dance forms the base of Indian classical dances. Let's examine the most well-known dances in the nation.

Bharatanatyam Bharatanatyam Bharatanatyam is a dance that originated in India around 1000 BC is a South Indian tradition. It is typically performed to Carnatic music. The dance was first practiced in Hindu temples and other sacred places.

KathakaliThis is Kerala's biggest-loved dance form that is basically an act of dance. Kathakali is a 17th-century dance form that performs as a play. It is characterized by elaborate costumes and makeup , as well as masks.

KathakThis kind of dancing has been categorized as North Indian and its name, Kathak, comes from the Sanskrit word Katha meaning "story". Kathak is "the person who tells stories". It is mostly about childhood memories and stories of passion about Krishna. Krishna.

Kuchipudi Is an Andhra Pradesh dance form. Kuchipudi, like all classical Indian dance forms, has its origins. It was originally developed as a performing art for the sake of religion. The dance was originally performed by Brahmin men.

Manipuri This dance form, as its name implies, comes originally from India's North-Eastern region. Manipur.