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Know About SodaPup MKB Christmas Tree Shaped Ultra-Durable Dog Chew Toy

We all know that dogs love to play with toys. Yes, it is a bit difficult for dog owners to buy toys for aggressive dogs. Whether your dog is a frosty-faced senior or a pandemic puppy, Sodapup has a collection of a group of unique, best, and unexpected gifts that you can buy for your pet. The Mental stimulation provided by toys will make your pup happy and relaxed too. To check the Holiday collection of Sodapup You can also navigate to The Holiday Collection includes everything you need for New year gifts including treat dispensers, chew toys, lick mats, and durable nylon toys.

They have a wide range of toys, and if your dog is an aggressive chewer then MKB Christmas Tree is best to buy. This Christmas tree-shaped dog toy features textures and angles that stimulate chewing. This toy can help your dog to fight boredom and problem chewing behaviors.

This Christmas tree dog toy is made from our strong durable nylon material which is built to withstand the heaviest chewers. You can try it out for your aggressive chewers. This toy will help your dog to maintain good oral health. The material used in these toys helps keep your dog’s teeth clean, reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar.

Sodapup’s chew toys are non-toxic and biodegradable. It is produced with strict safety standards. These aggressive chewer toys for dogs are safe for your pup. Each of their dog toys is made in the USA with the highest quality standards. 

When to Use Lick Mats for Dogs

Lick Mats provide your pet a pleasant experience and keeps them happy and entertained. It supports your dog with separation anxiety when you are leaving your home. You can use it anytime when your dog is alone at home and when you go out shopping. Lick mats keep your dogs busy and away from boredom. There are varieties of lick mats that you can buy online. You can also look for Jigsaw design emat enrichment lick mat if you are looking to buy the best quality lick mats.

This is true that licking soothes and calms your dog. It helps in spreading your pet’s favorite soft treats across the surface of the emat. There are various treats that you can spread on Emats.

  • Natural peanut butter
  • Pure pumpkin puree.
  • Veggie purees
  • Plain Greek yogurt.
  • Gelatinous bone broth
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Mashed banana.

Jigsaw design emat come in the following sizes: 8” wide X 8” tall, 0.25” thick, and the weight of mat is 5.5 oz.

The benefit of this emat is it calms your dog through licking and helps in entertaining your pet. Also, lick mats help avoid overfeeding. It also helps to improve the oral health of the pet and promotes fresh breath healthy teeth and gums. It also stimulates saliva to aid digestive health.

So, if you have a large dog and you want to use Lick mats for your dog, you can use the Jigsaw design meat enrichment lick mat.

Advantages of Having Dog Lick Mats

Licking soothes and calms your dog. To give a healthy treat to your dogs, spread your pet’s favorite soft treat across the surface of the emat, ensuring the treat is pushed down into the surface of the mat. 

Dog licking is an instinctive behavior that dogs are born with. Female dogs naturally lick their puppies as a means of cleaning them and as a form of comfort. Licking also helps to stimulate blood flow in the puppies when they are first born and helps them go to the toilet. You can also buy the best lick mat for dogs through have quality lick mats that you can buy for your dog.


  • Lick mats have a texture that allows food to be laced in its grooves so that your dog needs to work harder and lick to consume the food.
  • Calm your dog through licking. Entertain your pet. Avoid overfeeding. Promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth, and gums. Stimulates saliva to aid digestive health.
  • One of the great benefits of a lick mat is that you can keep your dog busy when you can’t entertain him. This is especially useful for younger, more playful puppies who need attention.

Treats that you can spread on Lick mats:

peanut butter, canned pet food, cream cheese, yogurt (plain), crushed treat moistened with water. Consult your vet for a complete list of foods that are suitable for your pet.