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Various Types Of Treatments Of Presbyopia

Corrective optical instruments such as glasses and eye drops can be used to treat presbyopia. This is the most common and effective treatment.

Presbyopia patients can benefit from reading glasses or eye drops. These glasses are easily available over-the-counter. You can read more about presbyopia eye drops from various online sources.

presbyopia eye drops

There are two other options: progressive addition lenses (PALs) and bifocals. Bifocals are glasses that have corrective lenses that can be used to correct near- and farsightedness. 

Progressive addition lenses function the same as bifocals but offer a gradual transition from near to far vision lenses. A vision transition is not possible due to the lens' surface.

Your eye's flexibility decreases with age. It is therefore important to maintain the power of your contacts/glasses. It is recommended that you visit your eye doctor or optometrist regularly to make sure the corrective devices are being used.

Patients with Presbyopia have an alternative option: surgery. LASIK is a very popular procedure that is highly effective. It is also extremely affordable and non-invasive.

Many experimental treatments are available, but they don't have as high a success rate as LASIK. An example of an experimental treatment would be injecting a gel-like substance to replace the natural eye lens.

However, many of these treatments are still experimental so it's a good idea if you're interested in LASIK. Eye drops are also very beneficial for presbyopia treatment.