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What You Should Know When You Compare Moving Services In Auckland?

There are a few key points to keep in mind when looking for movers. Moving on is one of the most important things that happen to you and you don't want to hire the wrong person for this important job. Make sure you compare moving services before making a decision.

Don't pick the first person you see in the directory. Ideally, when comparing moving services, you should look for reviews from three or more companies. You can also check out here to hire the best moving companies in Auckland.

First of all, every mover should provide you with a written review. Note that reviews can be binding and non-binding.

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The optional rating means you may incur additional fees. So it's recommended that you get a Mandatory Review, or at least one that shows a limit above that you won't pay.

Before signing any document related to a moving contract, make sure all information is complete. Really read the document, don't just check it. You need to check if the calculations are correct and the final costs are set up correctly.

Ask your movers about responsibility for loss or damage to your belongings. And make sure you discuss how claims for damages will be handled between you and the company. The sender should have an established dispute resolution process so that you know that you will be heard and that your request has been handled properly if you need to raise a problem.