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Guide to Enterprise Blockchain

Block chain technology is believed to be only useful with Cryptocurrency, but this technology is more flexible than this. What is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is a block chain, where each block contains data that is not centrally controlled but is guaranteed cryptographically. There are two main structures used for special blockchain technology and linked. You can check out blockchain development company at

Infographic blockchain concept

Pointer- in programming, pointer is a variable that stores the address of another variable. Instead of storing data, the pointer stores the address of another variable. This is the reason they are called pointer because they point to other variables.

Lists are lists – this is an important part of the structure. This is a block sequence that contains data, which is linked to another block, through pointer. The pointer on each block holds another block address, such as this pointing work.

Security towards fraud:

Block chain technology is very useful for companies to data security. The chains get this because of the technology of the cryptographic hash function. Hashing just means, take input with any length and give output from the fixed length of the string.

Various Cryptocurrency using this technology. The Cryptographic hash function holds a special hash class which makes it ideal for cryptography.