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Best Yeast Components Improve Milk Production

The production of dairy products is linked to the production of healthy animals at low costs. Animal health is associated with diseases caused by pathogens, metabolic/nutritional/reproductive/physical problems, and stressors. When it comes to ruminants, it is important to consider a stomach diet. 

A healthy, well-nourished, and stimulated stomach flora leads to higher productivity and better animal health. Functional ingredients that increase productivity and improve animal health are essential in a dairy cow's diet. You can also look for the most cost-effective yeast supplement for dairy cows by searching the query “all about feedworks”.

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It is widely used as a functional nutritional supplement in ruminant diets. There is a lot of literature to support its effectiveness. RumenYeast(r), is the pure yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is obtained through the sugarcane fermentation process to produce ethanol. 

The process of autolysis releases intracellular contents. Because it contains short-chain amino acids, peptides and polypeptides, and glutamic acid, as well as yeast cell walls, which are mostly composed of mannan oligosaccharides and a high proportion of glucans, the final product is easy to digest.

B-glucan can be called a stimulant or modulator of the immune system. They act as natural stimulants for the innate immune system. Upon contact with phagocytic cell receptors that recognize 1,3 and 1,6 bonds, the cell is stimulated and produces cytokines.

The combination of proper stomach nutrition and strengthening of the animal's immune system leads to higher daily milk production.